You may have experienced this: a small group of women are brought together, in a pleasant, friendly, and neutral environment, and a unique team spirit develops. We no longer compete for attention, jobs, or social status. The ranks that stem from a social order disappear and all of a sudden we are open to new ideas and a fresh perspective. We listen to each other, learn from each other, and gain strength from one another's support.

These experiences can dramatically change and improve our lives. We gather inspiration and get motivated to make great things happen. Our routine social activities do not always help us broaden our horizons significantly. Why not create a platform on which to make this happen?

This is why I started The Ladies Tea. I wanted to create a stylish platform for women to network, exchange ideas, and enjoy being ladies. This is a chance for women to spend quality time together, gain a fresh perspective, share our thoughts on many varied topics, and create opportunities for one another. It opens up the door for new ideas, opportunities, and friendships.