The Ladies Tea is a unique networking platform for women of all ages. It has a special format and style that creates a charming atmosphere and encourages quality ideas and interaction. Reminiscent of the social teas of old English society, where ladies shared stories, opinions, and news within their communities, the Ladies Tea is a modern day interpretation of this past convention that has been proven to enhance women's lives in a remarkably simple way– through stimulating conversation in a peaceful, supportive and creative environment.

You can create your own Ladies Tea or become part of someone else’s Ladies Tea. It is inexpensive and easy to set up. The hostess hand-picks a group of women to enjoy an afternoon of quality time together. They do not necessarily all know one another; in fact, it is a good event for bringing ladies together who have never met one another. The group can be diverse in age and background, but all Tea Ladies should be open-minded and interested in expanding their social or professional network and gaining a fresh perspective.

The Ladies Tea is not a solicitation opportunity –no sales! This important detail makes it unlike most modern functions and events that bring women together. At The Ladies Tea, ladies are solely there to benefit from an inspiring networking experience, enjoy their afternoon, and hopefully discover new ideas to enrich their lives in some way.

The Ladies Tea is not a platform for debating politics, religion or similarly controversial and opinion-heavy issues. Instead, when hosting The Ladies Tea, the focus should be on making deep and supportive connections with other women in the community, finding common ground and helping each other to succeed and find a path to greater happiness and fulfillment in life.