The Ladies Tea is catching on. Ladies are coming together and enjoying the endangered art of unhurried conversation in a relaxed and sophisticated setting. Here are testimonials from some Tea Ladies in the Triad:

"When I attended the first Ladies Tea, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found it to be a great way to meet other women and entrepreneurs like myself and an open forum to discuss both careers and topics that come up in everyday life. The Ladies Tea provides a calm and unhurried social venue, putting a new twist on an age old tradition that is both elegant and hip."– B. Pickrell

"The Ladies Tea is what every girl needs: time to catch up, meet new friends, and just have fun!" -M. Larsh

"The Ladies Tea is such a refreshing and sophisticated idea for women's socializing and networking. It is a revival of the delectable Victorian tradition of ladies tea, but the modern setting, with modern women, adds such a powerful element of interest. I was inspired and motivated by the
experiences shared by other professional women and I believe that this forum has the potential to further revolutionize women's social networking."
– V. Johnson

"The Ladies Tea was a great opportunity for me to share thoughts and ideas with a group of my peers in a relaxing and comfortable setting. It was a great balance of social and professional networking." – T. Inskip