Themed Ladies Teas require a little more thought and preparation than Social or Speaker Teas. Picking a theme is not always easy, at first. To help get you started, here are a list of themes that will certainly work well:

• What woman in history inspires me and why? What did she do that I could apply to my life? How did she stand out?
• What would I try if money were not important? Why? What is stopping me? Am I likely to pursue this dream?
• How can I improve my health and well being? What do I do to live better? What can one integrate into one’s every day life? Do you have a health ritual to share?
• How do I balance work and family? What can women do to reduce stress and pressure in their hectic lives?

When hosting a themed Tea, make sure that the theme is relevant for all of the Tea Ladies that you have invited. It is best to prepare the group by including the theme on the invitation, giving them a chance to mentally prepare for the event.

Remember that The Ladies Tea is a voluntary event designed to provide a rewarding experience in a comfortable and relaxing environment. It is not a book club. Give them a chance to prepare, but do not give ‘homework,’ so to speak– in other words, it is best to keep things simple whenever possible.