There are many options to choose from when selecting teas and delicacies for The Ladies Tea. I recommend starting with the basics below. Serving a minimum of three teas, along with three simple delicacies, will provide enough of a selection to make everybody happy.


1. Classic Black Tea: Options are an English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, or Darjeeling. These teas are best served with either milk (and sugar) or lemon (and honey). Earl Grey is best with lemon. To meet all preferences, have milk, sugar, lemon slices, and honey ready on the table (remember, NO packaging!).
2. Caffeine-Free Tea: A good option for those who avoid caffeine or are drinking a lot of tea. Great options are peppermint tea, lemon tea, or orange spice. These teas are best with sugar, honey, or nothing at all. When buying this tea, make sure that you are buying a naturally caffeine free (herbal) tea and not a flavored black tea.
3. Your Favorite! Maybe you are a green tea lover or like flavored red bush tea (a delicious caffeine free option). Adding your favorite tea will add that special personal touch!

Sonja Tip – Be sure to prepare everything in advance. If you are not prepared, you are likely to spend your time serving guests instead of enjoying the conversation. You should only have to occasionally refresh the teas during The Ladies Tea.

The Ladies Tea calls for stylish and delicate treats. Here are my recommendations:
1. Scones: Buy or make bite size scones. Do not serve oversized scones, even though they are sometimes more readily available in stores. Your guests should be able to try a little bit of everything without feeling stuffed! Serve scones with butter and strawberry marmalade. Real butter is recommended– it should be out of the refrigerator at least an hour before the tea. Remember, no packaging at the table.
2. Cucumber Sandwiches: So simple to make, but very ‘high tea’. Buy dense sliced white sandwich bread and cut off the edges. Spread on butter and add thinly sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle on a little salt and add top layer. Cut in half and put on serving plate. Keep cucumber sandwiches covered with plastic wrap until guests arrive because white bread dries out quickly.
3. Summer Pudding: This is a classic British dessert that is enjoying new popularity. It is also the perfect warm weather addition to your tea. The recipe is available on our website here.
4. Other options: Fresh strawberries, lemon bars, ginger cookies, shortbread, Kir Royal.

Sonja Tip – If you buy pre-made cakes, cut them into small portions. Avoid serving low-end grocery store baked goods with heavy icing or second-rate cupcakes. The Ladies Tea spread is a gourmet occassion and should feel truly special. This does not mean you have to spend a lot - small portions are key and encourage guests to relish each bite!

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