A key component of The Ladies Tea is the distinct, sophisticated atmosphere that the hostess creates for her guests. The table is the focal point at which you will be seated for a couple of very valuable hours. A beautifully prepared spread sets the standard for your afternoon.

The following special touches will create the right setting for The Ladies Tea:
Porcelain cups with saucers add distinction that a mug cannot. A saucer is the right place for the spoon to go when used for tea. Use small plates for the treats you will be serving.
If you have a special set of china or have your eye on a tea set at the antique shop, this is your opportunity to finally use it.
Prepare place cards (we have some prepared for you below!). You can either add them once everyone has had a seat or pre-determine a seating order. Not only will placecards give your guests the opportunity to remember everyone’s name, but they are a pleasant and classy table decoration. Don’t use ‘Hello my name is …’ stickers. The Ladies Tea is not a corporate fundraiser!
A tablecloth (a real table CLOTH). It is festive and rarely used. It also has the magical ability to elevate anyone’s table manners and make the event feel special.
Utensils: a teaspoon, a dessert fork, and a serving utensil for everything on the table.
Buy small paper napkins. If your china is very plain, you can add a touch of color with printed napkins.
Fresh flowers dress up a table. However, keep them small. You don’t want them blocking anyone’s view and inhibiting interaction across the table. The same rule goes for candles.
Avoid packaging at ALL costs! Everything on the table deserves its own dish or plate.
If you would like background music, choose something relaxing and subtle (classical, jazz standards, instrumental). The atmosphere you are creating should stimulate conversation and the right music can serve as a soothing backdrop.

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