Etiquette for Ladies Tea Guests
If you have been invited to the Ladies Tea, RSVP, try to be there on time, and most of all, enjoy yourself. Introduce yourself to the Tea Ladies that don’t know you. Feel free to share any interesting experiences or contribute anything that you feel the group may enjoy.

It is not necessary to bring a gift to The Ladies Tea. If you wish to contribute delicacies, tell your hostess in advance so that she can plan accordingly. Remember, the best contributions that a Tea Lady can make to any Ladies Tea are good conversation, positive energy, and an open mind.

Attending The Ladies Tea does not require you to host one in turn. Tea Ladies can host their own Ladies Tea if they wish, but it is not necessary to include the same group of ladies who were present at any previous teas. As your network of Tea Ladies grows, you will not always be able to invite all of them, and that is perfectly fine!

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