Creating a Ladies Tea Circle is an excellent opportunity to grow and maintain meaningful and unique relationships. We are all so busy with various responsibilities and chores that we rarely take a few hours to bond with other women away from the stresses of our everyday lives. Your Ladies Tea Circle may be just the thing to periodically revitalize you! Here are some tips on how to maintain and grow your network.

Host the Ladies Tea on a regular basis. If it becomes something that other ladies look forward to at certain times of the month or each season, it will be easier to guarantee attendance because guests will plan for it in advance.
Supply your Tea Ladies with networking booklets so that they can exchange contact information with other Tea Ladies and take notes (Ladies Tea Notebooks are available here).
You can email your Tea ladies with updates and information. Be careful to only send out information that is interesting or meaningful to everyone, and don’t send it out too often.

Appropriate email subjects might be:
• Relevant events that are happening in town.
• Job openings that suit a Tea Lady in your circle.
• Sales at stores that are special to all Tea Ladies.
• Information on educational opportunities such as classes or seminars.

Here are examples of what NOT to email to your Tea Ladies:
• Chain letters of any kind
• Calls to action that do not relate to what you talk about at the Ladies Tea (example: petitions)
• Impersonal updates on your life.