How to Get The Ladies Tea Started
It is natural to be a bit nervous and excited about hosting your first Ladies Tea. These tips may facilitate a smooth start:

Be 100% prepared and ready when your Tea Ladies arrive. Have everything on the table. The last thing that you want is to make them wait or have them offer their help with the set-up.
Start with introductions. Welcome everyone at the table with a brief introduction of how you found out about The Ladies Tea and what you hope they gain from this experience.
A popular ice breaker during introductions is for each woman to introduce herself and then mention a famous woman who they admire or are inspired by. This never fails to spark conversation, and it makes the introductions immediately more personal than simply mentioning one's profession!
Put everyone at ease by letting them know what tea options you have prepared and what treats you have for them. Welcome them to serve themselves and not be shy about trying a bit of everything that you have prepared. Being classy does not mean you have to be stuffy!

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