Why should I host The Ladies Tea™?
The Ladies Tea provides quality lady-time that will inevitably open new doors for you. When you get a diverse group of open-minded and positive women together, so much can happen: a new friendship, an idea, a job opportunity, a valuable life lesson… host The Ladies Tea and see!
Hosting The Ladies Tea definitely makes a positive statement about you and your interests. It says that you are a modern and classy lady, eager to network with other ladies who want the most out of life and are open to new ideas.

Do I need to pay to become a member of The Ladies Tea?
No. There is no signing up, no membership, and no fee involved. Simply host, or attend the Ladies Tea and you will be a Tea Lady. If you wish to show your support for The Ladies Tea, you can order official Ladies Tea merchandise at The Ladies Tea Shop.

Is the ladies tea only for professional women?
Certainly not! Professional women can benefit from The Ladies Tea because it provides an environment that naturally leads to networking, but all women can enjoy The Ladies Tea. Exchanging ideas and bonding with a unique group of ladies can enhance your life on any level, be it professional or social.

Is it expensive to host the ladies tea?
No. The necessary components for an authentic Ladies Tea are inexpensive. The effort you put into presentation and atmosphere are what make it special– you can certainly make an extra effort and use very fine china, etc., but this is not necessary. I have hosted The Ladies Tea for eight ladies for about $20.

How can I show that I support and partake in The Ladies Tea?
You can forward this website to other women, tell them about it, host The Ladies Tea, or order merchandise from The Ladies Tea Shop.

Who do I invite to The Ladies Tea?
The new lady in town, your neighbor, a lady you met at day care, your best friend, your colleague, a lady you met at the gym … mix them all together. In short, any Lady who you think is interesting, will benefit form a network, or who you would like to get to know better. The most important qualities a good guest can possess are a positive attitude and an open mind.

How do I invite a lady to The Ladies Tea?
Deliver one of our free invitations personally to her– our web address is on the invitation, and she will be able to read about the kind of event you have asked her to attend. Or, invite her by email or phone with the necessary information (time, date, category of Ladies Tea, and location) and always provide a link to this website to help your guest understand the purposed and format of The Ladies Tea.

How is The Ladies Tea different form any other social event?
The Ladies Tea is the only quality networking platform for women centered around a lovely tea tradition. It is high quality interaction with a purpose. Everyone attending is open, interested, and ready to share. The Ladies Tea is NOT a venue for selling products like tupperware or cosmetics- no guest will ever feel the need to buy into any sort of product line, etc. - they will only feel the need to act on their long-held dreams and ambitions.

How do I recruit a speaker to my own ladies tea?
Simply tell her about the Ladies Tea and that you think she is an outstanding person who your Tea Ladies would like to learn from. Point her to this website. Most women will be happy to participate. After your tea, Don't forget to formally thank your speaker for coming to The Ladies Tea by mailing a card - emails are too informal. If you wish to use an official Ladies Tea card, they are availabe in our shop.

How often should I host The Ladies Tea?
That is up to you– host it as often as you like! Every Ladies Tea you host or attend is a new opportunity to broaden your horizons.

If you have a question for us, please email it to this address and we will answer it.