The Ladies Tea is hosted in one of the following 3 approaches: Social, Speaker or Themed.
Below are descriptions of each of these approaches.

Social Tea
The Social Tea is a good starter tea. The objective is to get acquainted, have an enjoyable afternoon, and experience the setting of The Ladies Tea together. For this Ladies Tea, it is important to make sure that everyone is introduced to one another in the beginning– it helps to include a few women who are outgoing and a little more talkative to help get things started. This tea is the best for spontaneous networking.

Speaker Tea
A special guest is invited to talk about her personal or professional experiences and how she got to where she is now. This can be a business owner, an author, or anyone with an exceptional experience or intriguing point of view. You can prepare her for the Ladies Tea by asking questions in advance that she could answer or you can just let the conversation flow.

Themed Tea
The themed Tea is suited for an experienced hostess and requires some preparation. Try to pick a theme that your Tea Ladies are all likely to be inspired by. The key is to pick an interesting and positive topic that engages everyone. Do not build a theme on politics, religion, or anything too controversial or divisive. The theme should be inspiring or helpful. Click on the link below for some more help in planning a Themed Tea:

Themed Tea Tips